Mission Statement

Our goal it is to provide complete, comprehensive and humane services to children, and adoptive parents. In addition we are committed to educating the public about adoption.

The staff's goal is to focus on the child's basic needs for health, safety and love. The child is the primary client.

Individual, skilled and supportive services are extended to prospective adoptive parents in order to facilitate the adoption process and prepare them to receive their adopted child.

In all facets of the process the emphasis is on providing innovative, supportive and educational services with the intent of creating a positive adoptive experience.

We are a children's charity and provide humanitarian aid to all the countries that we serve.

A Better World
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Licensed by the State of Connecticut, A Better World - The Adoption Connection, Inc. is a member of the Connecticut Council on Adoption, Focus on Adoption, Joint Council on International Children's Services and the American Counseling Association.

A Better World - The Adoption Connection, is a 501 (c) (3), non-profit, non-sectarian agency licensed by the State of Connecticut, to provide International and Domestic Adoption services to families throughout the United States.