Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for Prospective Adoptive Parents

I don't know anything about adoption or how to start the process. What do I do?

Call us! We would be happy to set up a confidential meeting to answer any of your questions. You can also choose to attend one of our free, informational meetings.

Can I make an adoption plan if I already have biological children?

Yes. You can adopt if you already have other biological or adopted children.

Can I adopt even though I am single? Divorced?

Yes. Our social worker will work with you to design an adoption plan to meet your needs.

Can I still work with A Better World if I do not live in Connecticut?

Yes. A Better World can provide adoption and placement services to families in all 50 states.

I am working with another agency but live in Connecticut, can you do my homestudy? What about post placement services?

Yes, we can provide all homestudy and post placement services to families living in Connecticut.

I've been told to get a home study done even before I decide what agency/attorney I want to use to adopt. Is this correct?

No. You must decide what type of adoption you wish to pursue, international or domestic before your homestudy is completed. However, you can begin the homestudy process by collecting the necessary paperwork and completing some forms. We can work with you during this time to design an adoption plan that is right for you during the homestudy process.

I already have a homestudy. Can I still work with A Better World?

Yes. We will review your homestudy to make sure it fulfills our requirements and that of the country you are choosing to adopt from.

I'm thinking of adopting Internationally should I apply to USCIS immediately?

No. Please take the time to speak with our knowledgeable staff first. Certain countries have very strict requirements and it is a good idea to discuss which country will be a good fit for you. If you apply too soon, your approval may expire before you travel and you will have to reapply at a considerable additional cost to you.

We are an LGBT family, will you work with us? Can we adopt?

A Better World welcomes LGBT families, however families should be aware that adoption laws are decided independently by each state and international countries also have their own laws regarding whether or not LGBT families can adopt. ABW and their clients must abide by the adoption laws in the state where the family resides or the international country they are adopting from. Families in NJ, PA, DE, NY, and CT can adopt domestically as a couple, many other states have 2nd parents adoptions laws.

We live in the U.S. but aren't citizens. Can we adopt through one of your international adoption programs? What if we are permanent residents?

No. At least one parent of a two parent family must be a U.S. citizen in order to adopt internationally and bring the child back to the United States to live. This also applies to families that are permanent residents.

Can I choose whether I want to adopt a boy or a girl?

In some cases, you can choose the sex of the child you would like to adopt.

Will you help me with the paperwork for my adoption?

The staff at A Better World will help and guide you every step of the way.

What does it cost to adopt a child?

A member of the staff will go over the specific costs with you when you begin planning your adoption. This will allow you to make an informed financial plan as well.

How will expectant parents know that we want to adopt?

Many expectant parents select adoptive families by viewing adoptive family profiles. A Better World will share your profile with expectant parents.

A Better World works cooperatively with many pregnancy care centers, doctors, hospitals, crisis centers and religious organizations so that expectant parents are informed about available adoptive families.

Will we have ongoing contact with the expectant parents?

The degree of openness in infant adoptions is determined in advance and is part of an adoption agreement between the expectant parents and adoptive parents.

When does placement occur?

After the child is born, he or she may be placed in your home directly from the hospital (direct placement) or following interim care, which is provided for the infant while the birthparents make their final decision.

Will A Better World help our family adjust to the changes in our lives as a result of the adoption?

Yes. ABW is strongly committed to providing post-adoption services to new families. We will provide post-placement counseling for family members or make referrals for counseling, if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions for Birth Parents

What do I do now?

Start by calling A Better World at 860-677-0470. We can set up an appointment with one of our social workers to assist you. If you need transportation, we can help. We will be discreet. Remember, anything we discuss is confidential and does not commit you to making an adoption plan.

I don't have any medical insurance. How will I pay my medical bills?

Our social worker can assist you in getting the medical coverage that you are entitled to. If you don't qualify for medical insurance and you decide that adoption is the best choice for you and your baby, the medical bills for your pregnancy and your delivery might be covered by the adoptive family.

What if I have been or am involved with Child Protective Services?

A Better World can help you. You can make the choice of the Adoptive Family for your child. We will work with you to design an adoption plan in the best interest of your child. Decisions will not be made for you. They will be made with you.

What if I change my mind?

No binding decision can be made until after your baby is born. Each state has different laws regarding the time frame you have to change your mind once you sign papers terminating your parental rights

Will I get to choose the Adoptive Family?

At A Better World, we believe that you should be able to select the adoptive family for your baby. You can see profiles of all the perspective adoptive families that match your background. These families have already been approved as adoptive parents by A Better World.

Also, it's important to know that you do not have to select the adoptive family if you would prefer not to. We will discuss with you any preferences that you have about the type of adoptive family the baby should be placed in and then select a family based upon your requests because you know what is best for your child.

Do I get to meet the Adoptive Family?

This is entirely up to you. You can simply look at Adoptive Family Profiles and choose based on them. You can also choose to meet an Adoptive Family in person or set up a time for a phone call with them.

Do I have to pick the family?

You aren't required to select a family for the baby. Some woman ask their social worker to select a family based on what they feel is important in a family. For instance, some women would like a family with a stay at home parents, others feel that religious background of the family is important to them, while other women may want the adoptive family to share some of their hobbies and interests.

What if I don't want to meet the adoptive family?

That's OK. You can decide if they are comfortable meeting the adoptive family or not. For some women and men, meeting seems scary at first. That's why it's so important to know that your ABW counselor will help you to decide what makes the most sense for you.

Can I stay in touch?

Absolutely! As you are thinking about the kind of adoption plan that you would like to make, you should consider what kind of contact you would like to have with the adoptive family after the baby is placed with them. There are many options! You can exchange letters and photos, emails or even visit. We can help you to find a family that is committed to the continued contact that you are most comfortable with.

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